The leading authority in Private Investigation.

We offer a variety of specialized investigative services.

Areas we specialize in.

  • Missing People

    We utilize various specialized methods for finding missing people, designed to discover likely loopholes.

  • Surveillance

    We specialize in Spousal, Maid, Children and Employee surveillance that is legal, reasonable, and not overly intrusive.

  • Family Member Gambling Issues

    Suspecting a loved one with a gambling addiction? We will confirm your suspicion.

  • General Investigation

    Have a case that involves different forms of investigation, like surveillance in criminal matters, trial preparation or medical investigation? We specialize in those as well.

  • Polygraph Investigation

    In need of a polygraph test? We work with our partners to offer you an affordable rate, only available through our agency.

  • And many more...

    Contact us for an inquiry on what you need help with. We offer a unique specialized approach for each of our clients.

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We offer specialized investigation services ranging from all manners of activities using the best modern surveillance technology at our disposable.