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Infidelity Investigations

couple kissingIn today’s society, infidelity is the leading cause of marriage disruption and divorce with almost half of marriages having one or multiple spouses admitting infidelity. It starts with wild thoughts and speculation towards a spouse causing the individual to become more suspicious towards their loved one which then further leads to the individual becoming stress themselves. In the long run, the person might suffer depression and be suicidal if no action is taken, those thoughts could end up spiraling into more serious complications and the individual’s family could also suffer the consequences because of it.

Take the necessary action by hiring a private investigator to conduct an infidelity investigation through the use of discreet surveillance and evidence gathering. This will help the individual get down to the root of the problem and rid any doubts or worries.

What is Infidelity Investigation?

Infidelity Investigation involves a thorough research into the spouse being suspected of committing an adultery, infidelity or cheating. The investigation helps the victim identify if their partner is having an affair or cheating on them. In most cases, it could either be true or just baseless assumptions. The best way to find out is through hiring a professional PI to do the job, the investigator will find out if he/she is committing adultery/infidelity. The private investigators will then provide the victim with supporting evidence consisting of photographs, videos, audio recording and other related materials.

What Are Common Signs of Infidelity?

Common signs and patterns among people who commit infidelity include:

  1. Individuals become secretive about their whereabouts often using excuses such as having “alone” time or attending an important business meeting. Spending more time elsewhere, their spouse will not know things are unusual until their loved ones repeatedly turn up late at home.
  2. Sudden change in the way the individual dress or being more attentive to personal grooming such as shaving, make up and preparations.
  3. Becoming emotionally distant, this often appears to be a common theme among couples who have been together for more than 5-10 years.
  4. Becoming easily agitated or angered, this happens when the individual’s partner question them about their whereabouts. They often use anger to cover up and hide their infidelity.
  5. Hurling cruel and hurtful remarks at their spouses, this often happens when couples have unsolved dispute or have become emotionally distant.
  6. An increase in the frequency of work hours and staying late to work, this also includes frequent business trips.
  7. Leaving the room to answer the phone call and speaking in a quiet manner.
  8. An increase duration in wanting to be alone or having more privacy so that the spouse can dedicate more time to the third party.
  9. Cheating spouses tend to spend more on the third party by giving them expensive gifts, this results in a sudden increase spending.
  10. Having new friends of the opposite sex, this tends to be easy to find out as most spouses are generally suspicious of their loved ones with friends of the opposite sex.

How Would Infidelity Investigation Work

The private investigators will verify all the information pertaining to the case. Next, the PI’s would carry out a discreet surveillance tasked with shadowing the subject using the latest of surveillance tools to gather the necessary evidence needed within the boundary of law.

Let Our Private Investigators Help You Uncover the Truth

Sometimes the only way to gain peace of mind and clear all doubts and suspicion is to know for certain what is happening. Infidelity investigation provides you consistent answers and documentation of the circumstance. It also provides you with various option in the event that the findings are true. PIAF’s sole mission is to help our clients uncover the truth of the matter. Let us help you. Contact us today.


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