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Mystery Shopper Investigation

What is Mystery Shopper Investigation?

A mystery shopper is someone who is hired to investigate the business for the purpose of monitoring and measuring the quality of service given, assessing employee’s honesty and helpfulness. It is also used to gather data to improve the client’s product and services.

Mystery Shoppers

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Mystery shoppers are typically employed by businesses to improve the shopping experience of a customer. It also helps provide a realistic perspective of your clientele or customers which in turn, equips you with the right decision and action to take to improve your business.

Customers sometimes have a tendency to have prejudice or biasedness towards a certain product or service while professionals that partake in mystery shopping focus solely to offer impartial and truthful info. The ideal way to stay kept up-to-date concerning the performance of your company is by hiring a mystery shopper.

When you employ a private investigator to take on the role of a secret shopper, you will not just get a report on your business’s performance, but in some situations, the evidence needed to confront your employees.

The Process Of a Mystery Shopper

  1. Purchasing a business service or product.
  2. Asking relevant questions of the service or product.
  3. Keeping track of the quality of the service or product.
  4. Looking up the business e-commerce website as well as relevant social media pages to investigate.
  5. Calling the business phone number to track the quality of service provided.
  6. If necessary, comparing the client’s business to their competitors.
  7. The data gathered from all these steps are then used to report the overall status and success of the business and suggest ways to improve them.

Do I require a secret shopper?

If the quality of your service and product is negatively affecting your business, taking the necessary actions by hiring a mystery shopper will provide you with a reliable way of gathering information needed to make the necessary decision to improving your business.


Hiring a private investigator as a mystery shopper

There are many incentives for hiring an investigator to take on the job as a mystery shopper, here are the main reasons why.

Evidence: As by law, private investigators are allowed to gather necessary evidence in cases such as employee fraud and employee surveillance. This is one of the main reason you should hire a PI to be tasked with becoming a mystery shopper.

Legality: Private Investigators are trained to abide by the law hence this ensures that they will not cause unnecessary legal issues to your businesses and in some cases, obtaining the necessary information to be used in court.

Unbiasedness: When you hire someone instead of a private investigator, they may give biased information which could hinder your business as they are not trained to observe the key aspects of the business performance. Hence, hiring a professional ensures that the information is not distorted in any form.

Tools and Devices: Private Investigators have tools at their disposal to aid with their mystery shopper investigation such as recording devices to record the conversation between an employee and investigator.


private investigation authority forceService We Provide

Each investigation we take on is unique and different, this implies that our firm doesn’t use a cut and paste approach for every single case we take on but rather base our investigation around your expectations and requirements. In the case of mystery shopping, this would mean that we provide specialize detailed insights from the perspective of a customer to improve your overall business and customer experience. If you are planning to hire a private investigator in Singapore for other business investigations such as employee fraud or employee surveillance, we offer that as well.


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